To contribute for a world full of imagination, discoveries, learning and joy, that’s what motivates us!


The Ciabrink Brinquedos emerged in 2004, at Arapongas, a inner city of Paraná. Initially created to serve the segment of pedagogic toys, all the produce was handmade, and counting only with three workers.

New House

After 3 years, in search for increase and new opportunities, the company was transferred to the city of Fazenda Rio Grande, metropolitan region of Curitiba. Invests in technology, machinery and structure to produce in large scale.

A New Posture

Great results were reached, the brand achieves credibility and became known throughout Brazil, and over the years, the seek for reaching the same recognition on the segment of stores specialized on toys sales began.
A new positioning is adopted, starting to invest in licensing of bigger brands and developing toys with concepts which serves the demands of this new profile of clients.

Acquisition + Enlargement

In the end of 2005, the company acquires a second brand, the Papo de Pano Brinquedos, a company which is reference in puppets and fabric toys and is, also, being directioned to offer products that serve from stationery till specialized stores.
In 2017, there is a new expansion of the product line, becoming an exclusive distributor of the brand Fun Lock 3, a factory of plastic blocks toys, with products that present concepts unprecedented in the Brazilian market. Commercialization to Latin America also begins.


Ciabrink + Papo de Pano has its own factory structure of 4,000m², more than 150 direct and indirect employees, more than 600 items cataloged and its own team of product developers. Semiannual launches are planned, and the pursuit of novelties and opportunities, in addition to the goal of offering products that are present in all phases of children's development, never stop.